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Smash burgers. Eat burgers. Blow minds!

The BURGER SMASHER makes an easier, tastier, cheaper burger every time.
Take your burger game to the next level and join the smash revolution!

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Introducing the Burger Smasher

The tool for making perfect smashed burgers

Burger Smasher patty press

Do you want to make burgers…

Better than a restaurant?
Better than your mates?
Better than you thought possible?!


Well you’re in luck!

The Burger Smasher burger press is just the thing to help you cook perfect smash burgers at home.

Love for the Burger Smasher

“Why smash burgers”, you say?

Smashed burgers
cook better

  • Uniform thickness
  • Quicker cook time
  • Less guess work
  • Less tedious flipping
  • No fuss, no muss

Smashed burgers
taste better

  • Stacked smashed burgers have 2-3x the surface area of a ‘normal’ burger
  • More surface area = deeper Maillard reaction
  • Deeper Maillard = more complex meat flavours (umami)
  • More patties = more cheeeeese!

Smashed burgers
cost less

  • Uses less meat for a better result
  • Feed more for less
  • Save money on takeaways and restaurants
  • Put savings towards beer…win win!
Alright already, let me buy one!

The Burger Smasher is trusted by these smashing establishments!

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